PHIL ROSS Begins 2018 Legislative Session with Testimony on 3 Senate Bills of Varied Topics

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Writing Different Books Enhanced for Phil Ross by Visiting All 254 Texas Counties

Nov. 29, 2017

Constant Zeal to Travel Also Fuels Colorado Author's Hobby of Collecting College T-Shirts from Far & Wide

In 1996, Colorado author Phil Ross finally completed his long-time quest to visit all 254 counties in Texas -- most of any U.S. state -- when he stepped foot in Red River County in Northeast Texas. Consequently, years later, he compiled his "rare bird" thoughts in a feature story for a Texas Monthly magazine contest (his entry did not win but received much reader response) and created a 100-name Texas place-name pronunciation test.

Regarding the shirt-collecting hobby, Phil has gathered 79 T- or sweat shirts from 35 colleges in 22 states.

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Phil Ross's 2015 Contest Entry on Visiting All 254 Lone Star Counties

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100 Texas Places with Uniquely Pronounced Names

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4 Bills on Which Author Phil Ross Provided Citizen Testimony Become New Laws

May. 27, 2017

2017 Legislation Includes Varied Topics

When not immersed in writing his own books, or editing those of other authors, Colorado author Phil Ross finds time to respond to individual lawmakers' invitations or volunteer by testifying on selected House or Senate bills. Phil testified 20 times during the '17 session -- which ended in early May -- and four bills were signed into law by the governor.

The measures that now are state law include SB 1279 (Construction Defects Reform), SB 11 (Limited Pilot Program for Disabled Transit Access), HB 1172 (Penalties for Child Sex Trafficking) and HB 1093 (Tax Exemption for Life Insurance). Each bill had wide bipartisan support.

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Phil's Transcripts of Legislative Testimony

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Phil Volunteers as 'Citizen Testifier' on Bills in Colorado General Assembly

May. 3, 2017

Like the 'Horse Whisperer,' the 'Citizen Testifier' visits the Colo. Capitol regularly during annual legislative sessions, from January through May, speaking in favor of bills. (Download Below for Latest)

Listen to the latest audio updates, as of May 3, 2017, from Phil's "citizen testimony" before various committees of the 2017 Colorado Legislature. (Download Below Now)

Archived Testimony Before Colo. Legislature by Phil Ross

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